Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Results from my precinct

We had quite a night last night. 639 peopled showed up to caucus, which is amazing!! The problem was that the curch that was being used as a polling place had a fire safety limit of 96 people. So we got the caucus started in the parking lot. Final sign in results:

Obama 442
Clinton 197

As one of the 5 biggest precincts in Travis county we had a total of 91 delegates to the county convention the brake down was

Obama 63
Clinton 28

I must say I was never prouder of my neighbors and friends that I was last night. Thanks all for coming out and thanks for being so patient with us through out the night. It was truely amazing and humbling.


Myst0nia said...

Hi Jim,

Are you talking about Precinct 242? It sounds like you are. If so, we really are neighbors. I was there!!

mtst0nia from the Texas Tea Pad

Jim Mikulak said...

Hi myst0nia

Yes it was 242!! That's cool that you were there. It really was something don't you think?

Myst0nia said...

Yes. I can't believe there were over 600 people there. I guessed about 300. It was surely inspiring.