Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden -- The Commuting Insider

The hardest working man in politics ?

My two cents. Selecting Joe Biden as VP is excellent choice by Obama. I just finished reading Biden's Wikipedia page and some DailyKos posts and Biden has a compelling personal story, a commitment to family life, and a history of real accomplishments in the Senate in both Judiciary and Foreign relations.

He knows how many houses he has. He knows because he had returned to that home each night, on the train, while working in Washington since 1972. Even though he is a Washington insider, he's a commuting insider. Anyone who has ever had a job understands what it means to commute to work.

One post says that he is considered the second poorest Senator in the Senate. The same posting, from someone who interned with him in Washington, said that he has avoided investing in stocks to avoid conflicts of interest. Oh did I say Irish Catholic. I wonder if he went to a Jesuit Prep School. -- I just checked, it was a Catholic Prep School but not Jesuit, Norbertines.

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